For Corporations

EMIS helps corporations to gain critical and timely intelligence on ASEAN markets to make better investment, strategic, and risk decisions in markets where such information can be hard to get and even more difficult to rely upon.

EMIS is used by many functions within a corporation

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Market Intelligence Teams

EMIS is a one-stop-shop for a range of market intelligence and strategic planning information requirements. Our multi-sector, multi-country research platform provides analysis from the world’s leading research providers. We support the monitoring and analysis of industry trends to aid identification of opportunities in local, regional and global markets. Competitive intelligence is facilitated by an unmatched database of news from media outlets in ASEAN and other world's fastest growing markets.

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Sales and Marketing Teams

EMIS' unique mix of ASEAN and other fastest growing markets' company and market information and news makes it a crucial part of the sales and marketing toolkit. With a database of over 11 million company profiles and more than 40,000 news articles published daily, the platform enables prospect identification and monitoring in multiple markets and sectors. Our search and screening tools and alert functionality improve your prospecting efficiency while data can also be ingested into client CRMs to support your specific workflow.

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Credit & Risk Teams

Thousands of credit analysts rely on EMIS to analyse company credit data and financial statements to reduce risk and prepare credit risk reports that involve extending credit or lending money. Our database of over 580,000+ companies for ASEAN and over 11 million companies globally offers insight into the financial performance of your customers and suppliers. Our vast news database enables monitoring of adverse news that informs the decisions you make. We also offer a suite of powerful analytical tools designed specifically for the credit analyst workflow.

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Knowledge Centers

Through EMIS, Knowledge Centers empower their teams by delivering accurate and granular hard-to-get data from often opaque markets, ensuring access to the best available information to do their work. EMIS curates the best and most reliable local sources and premium global research and leverages AI technology and powerful tools to provide a user-friendly platform for swift access to in-depth market research and real-time analysis.