EMIS for Credit and Risk

One of the main challenges in assessing the risk of doing business with private companies in ASEAN and other world's fastest growing markets is the limited availability and reliability of data. Quite simply, if you can’t trust the accuracy of the information you have, or the validity of your sources, it's impossible to make well-founded judgements

Do you have accurate private company information?

Can you rely on the validity of the sources?

Are you completely confidence that you can make well-founded judgments with the information you have?

EMIS can help you to:

Easily manage credit portfolio

Collect accurate, up-to-date long-term financial information for companies. Export data directly into your own templates and refresh it automatically.

Reduce risk

Conduct in-depth reviews of companies and executives as well as peer analysis.

Simplify credit limits

Generate credit scores and recommendations of credit quotas customised to your own policy. Export data directly into your own templates and refresh it automatically.

Efficiently monitor your portfolio

Track and monitor companies in your portfolio over time with news reporting and customised alerts.

EMIS: a one-stop award-winning intelligence platform

Deep and long-term company financial data and news to analyse creditworthiness and risk.

Benchmarking tools to allow you to assess the relative performance of the subject versus peers

A customizable credit analytics model enabling scoring and recommendation of credit quotas​.

Industry profiles, statistics and benchmarks to understand the risk within a particular sector​.

Decisions supported by the best data. Learn more about our credit & risk solution.

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What our customers say

Allianz Trade Brazil

"Considering the challenges we face as an insurance company in helping clients on their decision making, having partners with expertise and reliable information makes a big difference, and EMIS is one of those partners for us"

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What our customers say

What our customers say

Euler Hermes

"EMIS platform provides us with all the information we need to help our decision-making process: research reports, buyers' competitive position, financials, the latest news, and sectorial updates. Having all the information at one place and in a very easy-to-use platform, enable us to help our customers faster"

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What our customers say